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deviation in storage by gene24manga
So as people may have noticed, I have been gone for a good while... 

Yeah some stuff has been going on in my real life and it's been keeping me busy. So for the time being, I don't know when or how long I can come on dA at any time in the near future. I've recently quit my job and have been unempployed at least a month and a half, so my primary life concern is to find myself a job. Other then that, I've been keeping busy playing a ton of video games, and hanging out with my friends. So there's my little life update.

Now I'm gonna try something new. About two or three journals ago, I put up my friend code for my Pokemon Y game to get some of my friends to play with me and have fun. So for this journal, I'm gonna list some app games I've been playing a lot, that others may enjoy as well, and I'll also list some invitation codes for others to use to gain benefits for being invited to the games, which will also benefit me I won't lie, but who doesn't enjoy free stuff? Either way, give these games a chance're interested, and look for me if you need a friend to play with. The theme for these ones is all trading card games.

1. Guardian Cross:…

Guardian Cross is a game made by the good boys of Square-Enix. This is a combination of two main styles of gameplay, as described on the wiki page. The more prominent is a versus style card battle, going turn by turn as your team of guardians; the various cards you can obtain, versus another team of guardians. These fights  eams can consist of at the most ten guardians on both sides, ranging in rarity from 1 to 5 stars in terms not only of how rare it is to obtain, but also how strong it can be, 1 star guardians being the weakest and 5 stars; although the most difficult to find, are usually the strongest kinds. Each card is essentially a form of being, creature, or entity from various lore and final fantasy; such as Vampire, Shiva, Slime, Banshee, Cactuar, etc. For more examples of Guardians to obtain, I will post this link to the powerful Bahamut's page on the official card database for this game:… And to that point, each card itself has stats and variables to increase through leveling up, as well as moves and skills they can learn at certain levels to increase the possible strategies to defeat opponents. The main way to level up guardians is naturally in tcg, use other weaker ones to increase the power of your stronger ones. And how do you mainly get more? Through the second style of gameplay which is in the form of a First Person shooter mini game. Guardians are acquired by taking away they're hp in the various types of fields to hunt from and thus adding them to your team. These gameplay rounds typically have a 60 second time limit, and each map has varying twists to it, from giant powerful guardians appearing sometimes on the map, to mines being scattered around the field to use to blow up passing unsuspecting guardians. The story for this game isn't exactly long, you can probably get through it maybe in two or three months depending on diligence, but this game features a variety of side quests and a player coliseum to go through tournaments to battle other players in to earn rewards and other rare guardians, though the coliseum is rather difficult in my opinion and I've got some strong guardians at my side, I still get my butt kicked when I use a pass XD. This game also has features of making friends with other players to share and trade cards, as well as fight your friends through a typical battle with their current team to earn Friend points, which can be stockpiled to exchange for some prizes. If you use this invitation code when you make your profile the first time in game, once you play through the tutorial, you will receive a bonus guardian automatically. Also, if you enlist me as a friend, I will be willing to help you locate or trade guardians to you you may want or that i can get my hands on. I may also send you a free rare guardian if I know you more personally. :3 The code to use in this game is BK07436.

2. Ayakashi Ghost Guild:…

This one is a little harder to describe. The story is much longer in this one so far and is more around and the combat is a little more different, but it's still a pretty decent game. I've been playing this one about 6 months now and it's continuously earning my interest. You play as a young ghost agent in first person view the entirety of the game, and go around helping the spirits of daemons and the population of humanity coexist peacefully together. The cards you obtain this time are all called daemons, and are based upon beings of legend, supernatural entities, even mythical creatures, all typically taking on an anime-esque human form. Where as the one to five rarity category is still in effect, this time daemons are divided among three social classes, similar to digimon. These are Phantom, Divina, and Anima, and in a rock-paper-scissors fashion, each is stronger than one and weaker to the other, and each has a huge variety of daemons to have and add to your team. You can have up to five daemons on your team, and each one has a skill that can change attack or defense of a team, going up or down for one or more depending on each skill. Each team has one leader of your choosing who is typically placed at the center of your team and your total team attack or defense is calculated based upon the stats you currently have, and then is changed via the abilities of both your teams daemons and the opponents, starting from the leader daemon on your team, then the rest of yours, then the opponent's leader and any other daemons they might have after that, if they activate. Battles are more reliant on luck and higher level daemons than skill in this one, as the trigger rate of each daemon's skill plays a factor in defeat or victory. Aside from that, the developers typically have a good mass of events each month, and typically add to the story once or twice each month as well. There's also a summoning system in this game, whereas you can obtain more daemons out in the field of the story when you investigate, which is a simple process of hitting a button and filling up a bar, as well as through point you earn by poking your crew mates to use to summon a free daemon. The developers also typically give out a free item each day, though you can also gather them through shopping and such, if you have money to spend on mobile games XD. Overall, this one is my favorite of those I will advertise. Now when you use the invitation code I give in this game at the start, you start the game out with a special summoning ticket, which can be used once you complete the prologue to obtain a rare daemon right off the bat. My code to input for this is 427900720707.

3. Deadman's Cross

This is another app game made by Square-Enix that has recently come out, and is similar in many ways to it's predecessor, but exchanges the concept to a zombie apocalypse setting with a so far intriguing storyline and a wide variety of quests to do to make it continue. You acquire Deadmen (Zombies) in this one and use them to battle other groups of Deadmen, which can be anyone from a common bank robber or a pigeon to Abraham Lincoln and Cleopatra. Although it's still new and I can't say much for it, so far it has been a wonderful game as well and I would like to see where it goes in the future. With the invite code in this one, both whoever uses it and I will earn a nice surprise when you get to level 5, you can also currently use Deadman's cross to get a special code at level 5, and this will unlock a 5-star powerful guardian in Guardian's cross. My code in this one to use is MBE2HKQ.

Alright, I'm done with my lame advertising, but these ARE all fun games and I'd like to share the fun with others so we can all enjoy, let me know if you want to be friends in any of these games and I'll do my best to connect with ya. As for rping, I'll be around on my Skype or phone, which I'll primarily only give out to those I trust. That's all for now y'all, peace.
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