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FMB: Good Idea-Bad Idea
Good Idea: Setting your alarm to wake you up in the morning. // Eli: Ah, another good day. ^^
Bad Idea: Setting your alarm to wake OTHER people up in the morning. // Clock: WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Doppelganger Eli: >XD
Good Idea: Eating a nutritious breakfast. // Eli: Yum, this is good.
Bad Idea: Eating a baby for breakfast. // D. Eli: *holds up a knife and fork* Hehehe....
Good Idea: Saying goodbye to your Grandma when you leave in the morning. // Eli: Bye Grandma ^^
Bad Idea: Saying goodbye to your Grandma after you set the kitchen on fire. // D. Eli: Uh... yeah... see ya old person!
Good Idea: Enjoying the nice walk to school. // Eli: Hello Forest creatures! ^-^
Bad Idea: Lighting a forest on fire on your way to school. // D. Eli: HAHAHA! BURN! BURN!!!
Good Idea: Arriving for class early. // Eli: Made it right on time. ^^
Bad Idea: Arriving for class five minutes before it's over. // D. Eli: *burps and walks in* The F@#$ you all lookin' at?!
Good Idea: Turning in any homework on time. // E
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 3 22
FMB: Autumn Ball Event
Elliot Tribal smiled as he got ready for the ball up at the school. He scratched his head as he looked at the pink suit he was wearing.
"You know, it might just be because I'm so bloody effeminate... but this actually looks good on me." He said as he tied his hair back.
He looked at himself in the mirror. He thought he looked good, and he wanted to for two reasons:
1) Cause his band Shade Impulse was playing as the band for the ball and he needed to present himself nicely.
2) For his girlfriend Erika, whom he was overly excited to be taking.
He smiled and nodded picking up his guitar case and running outside to the limo he got and gave the driver Erika's address. He could already tell...
This was gonna be one of the best moments in his long life.
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 0 0
FMB: Summer Event Submission
"For some reason... I always like the summer months the best." A certain flame demon said as he walked out of his house late one night.
Elliot "Eli" Tribal was on his way to enjoy part of the summer festival at his school. He looked at his clothes: going with a black sleeveless t-shirt and some camouflage baggy shorts, he smiled as he picked up his guitar and began walking to the school.
After about a 15 minute walk, he smiled as he watched some familiar faces of his friends, and some people he hadn't even met yet running around having a good time. "Hehe, this really is great. ^^" He said as he found a rock and sat down.
He looked up at the moon in the sky, a full moon tonight and a beautiful one at that. He began to think of all the time he had spent in this school and some of the wonderful people he knew.
Aetta, Erika, Rose, Nero, Kaz, Chesh, Leslie, Rafer, Lyra, Winder, Rin, Nekomi, Sprite, Shaz...
And especially the girl he loved: Hiromi
He smiled and chuckled. He had a great group
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 1 4
FMB: GUide to Shadow Catching
How to Catch Sebastian's Shadow via Complicated Trap That Will Cause More Harm Than Actual Results.
Note of Caution: Do not replicate. You may suffer from a case of DEATH. Eli is a trained test monkey, hence why his survival will be guaranteed. / Eli: I just hope this isn't like the time I got buried 300 feet deep in Antarctica ...
Steps of Trap Building
1. Obtain bait to keep the shadow in place for a good 5 minutes. In this case, we will use a naughty picture of Eli's girlfriend Hiromi, which she gave to us accordingly. /Eli: *blushing and taping it to the wall* Why my girlfriend again? / All shadows, regardless of their owners, are all in some way perverted. Hence, with this pic, we should be able to keep him still. Now stop complaining. / Eli: Okay...
2. Mark where your target must be, estimate a good 3-5 feet from bait. / Eli: *with tape measure, makes an X in red tape* Easiest step...
3. NOW for the actual trap building. Place a motion sensor near where your target
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 2 0
FMB:Eli showing what he's got.
Eli tilted his head as he was called up by Ria. "So..... I'm supposed to show you what I've got, correct?" He asked, scratching the side of his head. He pondered for  a good few minutes.
"Well, I'm Elliot Tribal, call me Eli, and I'm a Flame Demon." He said. "As for what I can do, well in the time I've been alive, I've learned supreme control of fire, to the point where I can make it do as I wish." He said, flicking his thumb against the inside of his finger and a small flame came up on the tip of it. "This is Fire control 1-0-1, thumb lighter. If you can't learn this within a week, there may not  be hope for you." He said simply.
He then dipped his index finger into the flame, making it move to the tip of his finger, but holding his thumb up still, giving his hand a gun shape like how kids make. He pointed it out the window and made his thumb go down. "Bang." was all he said as flame erupted from his finger tip, lighting up a tree outside. "Projecting fire is rathe
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 4 26
Eli FMB Application by AxlO1 Eli FMB Application :iconaxlo1:AxlO1 14 621
Hero Story Chapter 2
Fate's Crossroads
The Swordmaster meets those who will lend him strength in the future.
But first he must come to know his new home.
--"Guidepost for the Swordsman" Chapter 1, Clause 7
[Date: June 2, 2008/ Time: 11:28 AM]
Trains. I never liked trains. Strike that, I never liked RIDING trains. I the type of person who likes the vehicle, but doesn't like riding in it. I get train sick, and when I sit on a train for 6, or was it 7, hours, I feel like there's a tornado going through a sewage dump in my stomach.
"Gene, are you okay? You're looking green." Eva said, worried about me as usual.
".....Yeah, just a little nauseous. I'll be fine later...." I said, trying not to hurl, again.
"Just be careful, we're almost there. At our new home." she said, patting me on the back.
"Yeah, we'll be okay...." I said, relaxing at the thought that this was almost over.
I heard a voice replace the radio
:iconaxlo1:AxlO1 1 12
Mature content
California and the Devil :iconaxlo1:AxlO1 2 2
Hey, look at that, it's me -_- by AxlO1 Hey, look at that, it's me -_- :iconaxlo1:AxlO1 5 159 For Crystal's Kiriban thing by AxlO1 For Crystal's Kiriban thing :iconaxlo1:AxlO1 0 5

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I'm 22 now....

awesome :3
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Favourite genre of music: Any except country
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Shell of choice: Red, they home in on people, green shells just go straight
Skin of choice: The one I'm in, duh.
Favourite cartoon character: Flandre Scarlet
Personal Quote: Gentlemen, prepare yourselves. For we are going to cure Death.

Icon Credit goes to the talented and awesome :iconkattling: >W< Check out her stuff, is awesome!!


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